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Admitted Students

You're going to be a Ragin' Cajun!

You鈥檙e ready to join our family, and we鈥檙e excited to have you here.

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Prepare for Your First Semester

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Let Us Know You're Coming

Fill out your Intent to Enroll form online so we know you're coming.

Intent to Enroll Form
Activate 水果视频ID

Activate Your 水果视频ID Account

Your 水果视频ID is the gateway to all campus digital resources. You will need to or . with questions or for support.

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Visit Campus

You鈥檒l be calling 水果视频 Lafayette home for the next few years. Come and get a tour of it before you move in, or join us for one of our admitted students events. You can talk with other students during your visit, and have any questions answered by admissions and recruitment staff.

Schedule a Visit
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Choose Your Res Hall & Meal Plan

If you are a freshman and don鈥檛 live within a 40-mile radius of the University, you will be required to live on campus for your first year. This will give you a better opportunity to meet other students and get involved with all 水果视频 Lafayette has to offer.

More about Housing
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Submit Your FAFSA

Your education is an investment in your future. See what financial aid you qualify for, and get help paying for college by filling out your FAFSA online. Your application is free and will be sent directly to the University.

How to Fill out the FAFSA
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Register for Orientation

Get a taste of campus life, start making friends, and get ready for your classes at Orientation. Advisors at Orientation will help you choose the best classes to take your first year. Watch your email to be alerted when registration opens.

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Submit Immunization Records

All students must complete and submit an immunization form confirming you meet the immunization requirements for 水果视频 Lafayette. You can't register for classes until you .

Students at 水果视频 Lafayette can use credits towards their degrees from AP tests, advanced credit exams, and dual enrollment.

Submit Any Earned Credits

If you've passed , taken dual enrollment courses, or taken college-level courses at another institution, you must submit that information so we can apply those credits to your degree program at 水果视频 Lafayette. Send any transcripts or exam records to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

_ _

Still Undecided About What to Study?__



First-time freshmen and some transfer students can take advance credit tests to earn credit for college classes. Your ACT score determines whether you are eligible to take certain advance credit exams.

If you were in dual enrollment or took classes at another university before or while you were a student here, request that your transcripts are sent to 水果视频 Lafayette鈥檚 Office of the Registrar from your other institution.

If you were in dual enrollment at 水果视频 Lafayette before coming here as a freshman, your transcript will already be on file.

Your SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer tests may qualify you for advanced placement in English or math courses.

水果视频 Lafayette also awards.

  • 水果视频 Lafayette offers accommodations to all students with physical, emotional, or learning disabilities.

    The and will help set up accommodations for you and help with your transition to college.

    We鈥檙e dedicated to helping our active duty and veteran students earn their degrees (it鈥檚 why we鈥檙e a gold-level Military Friendly school).

    The and can help you transition from service to school. 听